Within the human body is a vast amount of organs that all work together only in a divine way. God created human beings quite intricately. No scientist in the past, present or future has had or will have the ability to
unlock all of the secrets that are so cleverly hidden inside the amazing work of the human body. So, out of all the organs in the beautifully designed human body, which is the most important? Every organ has its own unique
responsibility, but perhaps the most important organ that God has created within the confines of the human body is the human heart. I believe the heart is the most important organ because it carries necessities to the body, gets rid of waste in the body, and last, in the Bible no organ is deemed as more important than the heart itself. 

    The first reason that I believe the heart is the most important organ is
simply because the heart carries and pumps necessities to other various parts of the body. Without the workings of the heart, multiple other organs would fail. For example, the brain is in constant need of a supply of oxygen from blood. The brain receives this constant flow of oxygen when the heart does its job in pumping blood to particular parts of the body. Also, “Muscles need oxygen, glucose and amino acids, as well as the proper ratio of sodium, calcium and potassium salts in order to contract normally” so without the heart, these functions would fail. Essentially, if the heart was to fail, the entire body would shut down in a matter of minutes.

    Not only does the heart carry needed blood and nutrients to the rest of
the body, but it also aids in disposing of waste in the body, which is the
second reason being that the heart is the most important organ in the body. The heart “picks up carbon dioxide and other waste products that your body produces so they can be disposed of.”This valuable organ will, through a unique cycle, transport blood through the entire body. The blood will eventually be transported back to the heart. Through an amazing journey, the blood becomes rid of all chemicals such as carbon dioxide. Chemicals such as these are sent to the lung to be breathed out of our body.  Blood, on its journey, also takes waste products to the liver and kidneys to be rid of. Without the heart, our bodies would be filled with harmful chemicals and substances. 
    The last reason that the heart is the most important organ of the body is
by no means a medical reason. In the Christian life, there is nothing more
important than the heart. From the time we were little children we always heart the phrase “you need to ask Jesus into your heart.” The heart is where Jesus is figuratively housed in our Christian lives. There is no other body part that is mentioned with as much importance in the Bible as the heart. Our heart is what houses, our Savior, our will, and who we are in Christ. In the Bible, there are dozens and dozens of references to the heart. This fact alone proves the importance of the heart to Christ. Matthew 22:37
states that “Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” We are commanded to love the Lord will all of our heart. In my opinion, this means the heart is pretty important. Our heart and soul are key to the process of accepting Christ as our Savior. To me, there is nothing of more importance than  this.

    We have looked at three reason why the heart is so important. Human
beings are intricate creatures that are made up of many organs that each have their own job and unique responsibility. Indeed, if one organ were not present the whole body would be useless, but I still believe the heart is the most vital. The heart is essential to keeping both our physical and spiritual bodies complete. How is your heart?

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please you gave the functions of the heart only to prove that the heart is the most vital organ. would you please give some medical proves?

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